Silicone Bathroom Organizer

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This unique bathroom organizer has a sleek design and looks great in any environment! 

The toothbrush and razor holder comes in blue, green and pink. The modern and minimalistic design of the silicone organizer is the perfect fit for your shower or bathroom mirror.

Bathroom Organizer is made from an antibacterial material that will never grow mold. It is equipped with custom drainage holders allowing water to drain and dry easily, requiring NO cleaning.

This lightweight bathroom organizer is designed to cling to shiny surfaces without suction cups or adhesives. Using innovative silicone grip technology, your organizer will always be secure.

Application is simple and easy. Just peel off the transparent backing of the Tooletries silicone bathroom organizer for easy installation.


  • It's perfect for maximizing counter and shower space. 
  • Let it hold your bathroom essentials for easy use and storage.
  • Suitable for even the smallest of places 
  • Sticks to any surface easily!
  • Applicable Space: Bathroom
  • Installation Type: Wall Mounted Type
  • Material: Silicone Rubber
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