Temporary Tattoo Kit

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Create beautiful temporary tattoos on your own.

No need to spend on henna sessions, now you can do it by yourself. Make a statement on your own skin or be a walking work of art with this Temporary Tattoo Kit.

This set includes 1 henna cone with fine tips for easy application. Draw and make designs on your skin directly or use any of the pattern stencils to create lovely tattoos.

Henna is a completely organic herbal dye that can last for one or two weeks, depending on how often you wash it, so make sure to wash it gently for longer lasting tattoos! It's made of natural ingredients that's 100% gentle on any skin type. 

Pick from 3 amazing henna ink colors: Black, Red or Brown and match it with a stencil of your choice!

Do-It-Yourself Henna Tattoo:

  1. Wash skin with soap and dry
  2. Prepare and cut-out the tattoo pattern stencil you wish to use
  3. Peel of the protective film from the stencil
  4. Cut the tip of the henna ink cone open for about 3-5 mm
  5. Attach the stencil on the body part you want to place your tattoo
  6. Apply the Henna ink paste (The thicker layer of ink you apply, the longer it lasts)
  7. Let it dry for 30 to 60 minutes (depending on how much henna ink paste you applied)
  8. Peel off the stencil and paste and voila! Get visibly amazing results!
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