Fish Scale Scraper & Gutter

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Enjoy some of the best seafood right at home with the Fish Scale Scraper & Gutter at your disposal!

It makes quick work of even the most stubborn scales on the freshest food. Featuring a scythe-shaped knife for gutting open a fish, it's the easiest way to prep fish for any dish.

Thanks to the built-in scoop along the scraper, scales won't go flying everywhere in the kitchen when you scale. All you have to do is run it along the length of your fish and the lidded scoop catches all scales. When done, open the lid and discard scales. Easy!

Clean your fish inside and out with the integrated scythe-shaped knife! Use it to easily and smoothly cut open a fish's belly for thorough gutting. Both the knife and scraper are made out of durable, effective stainless steel.

Crafted out of ABS and stainless steel, the Fish Scale Scraper & Gutter is completely dishwasher-safe. Just pop it into your dishwasher once you're done prepping your fish!

  • Type: Seafood Tools
  • Material: Plastic
  • Certification: CIQ
  • Plastic Type: PP
  • Package: 1pcs
  • Size: As the picture show
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