Automatic Spring Hook Setter

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Love fishing but hate having to hold on to your fishing rod all day?

Well this is the solution you've been waiting for! 

Let this amazing tool do the work for you.

It automatically springs up your fishing rod as soon as you get a bite, setting the hook in really well. It's also great when you take children or beginners out fishing and have to help them out. This device will prevent you from losing fish when you are helping others!


  • Adjustable to 3 levels of sensitivity for various water conditions and size of fish. From super sensitive for clear water to least sensitive for choppy water. As well as large, medium and small fish size.
  • Line trigger activates tip-up only when fish hits the hook - no misfires.
  • Fishing rod holder with double spring loaded tip-up action sets your hook automatically.
  • Now you don't need any bells or alarms. This tool does the job for you.
  • HIGH IMPACT RESISTANCE & PRISM CONSTRUCTION. Prism construction makes for a sturdy rod holder and allows fork to easily plug into soil. Springs are ultra strong and able to withstand a maximum tension up to 110 pounds!
  • Two sharp ends go into the ground to hold unit still.
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel and impact resistant.   
  • Anti-rust & Anti-corrosion. Plated steel material for excellent durability and strength.
  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Weight: 440g
  • Dimension: 43 x 6cm
  • Maximum Tension: 10kg

1 x Stand Rack bracket only, other items displayed in the pictures are NOT included.


When using, the fishermen can not stand behind the bracket to avoid injury, and also try your best to avoid any parts of the body touching the triangle area.

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