Watermelon Slicer

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The Watermelon Slicer is cleverly designed to slice watermelon in an Extremely Quick & Clean way. You could Instantly cut out a perfect slice of watermelon, enjoying the juicy bite right after. 

You could save up bunch of time in the kitchen, because all it takes is a single gesture to create the Melon Masterpiece. 

GOOD-BYE OLD TRADITIONAL KNIFE, HELLO SWEET RELIEF: We’ve all been there. That dreadful moment when you’re the one that has to cut up the watermelon so everyone can enjoy America’s most refreshing snack. You’ll notice that as soon as you grab the Watermelon Slicer in your hand all of those FRUSTRATING feelings simply go away and slicing not only becomes a BREEZE, but a whole lot of FUN!

SUPERIOR DESIGN FOR FLAWLESS SLICING: Our engineering and design team create a SUPERIOR WatermelonSlicer design that will catch your eye with its beauty, create a feeling of comfort during use and produce the perfect slice of juicy watermelon.

NO MORE FRUSTRATING MESS TO CLEAN - The Best Part - No More Mess! No More Dirty, Wet, Sticky Counter Tops and Tables! All of the leftover juices that come with cutting up a watermelon conveniently stay in the leftover “Rind Bowl” that you create

SLICE AND DICE IN HALF THE TIME - You have enough on your plate. There are a ton of other things you have to do in the kitchen to set up that party or get prepped for that family lunch or dinner. The Watermelon Slicer and Server will allow you to cut up and serve a whole watermelon in record time, under 3 minutes!

You need this Watermelon Slicer right now!!

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