3 In 1 Gel Nail Polish Pen

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This 3 in 1 Gel Pen will definitely change your life! 

Say bye-bye to the bad part of your manicure! Forget about plunging your brush into the pot, and varnish your nails one after another without spilling on the couch!

No need for a base coat or top coat!

5 minutes! That’s the time needed to varnish and dry your nails with our UV Lamp! And the best part in all of this: Thanks to our UV Lamp your nail polish will last 3 weeks!


✓ You’ll never wait again after dry nails to apply your top coat

✓ Adjust the flow by turning the wheel (2 seconds) 

✓ Apply for a single pass on each of your nails (2 minutes maximum)

✓ Make them dry under the UV Lamp (3 minutes)

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